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Aldrin provides technology resources to meet the instructional needs of our students within a digitally rich environment .

FCPS Launches New Parent Technology Help Desk

FCPS Parent Technology Help Desk Hours

Summer Hours:

Beginning on Monday, June 14, we are moving the service to our in-house Service Desk. The phone number for parents will stay the same -  833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS) - and the reduced hours for summer are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday in June, July and early August. Outside of those hours, parents can also visit the Parent and Student IT Support Portal to find self-help resources or submit a tech support request ticket.

The number is 1-833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS). It will be answered by staff 7 11 p.m., seven days a week.

If the help desk is unable to solve the issue on the phone with the parent or guardian, they will enter a ticket on the parent’s behalf and the request for help will be transferred to the appropriate FCPS team. 

Get more information about the new Parent Technology Help Desk

Need Help in a Language Other Than English?

Parents or guardians who need help in a language other than English should let help desk staff know, and a interpreter will join them on the line. (FCPS also has existing parent information phone lines, available in eight different languages, that can assist with general questions about FCPS.)

FCPS Parent Information Phone Lines are available in eight different languages. 

Student and Parent/Guardian IT Support Portal

FCPS has also set up an online portal to allow older students and parents and guardians to request technology help directly. 

Self Help Options

- If you are a parent or a student and need account password help, you may try our self help options, here.  - Information on how to create a parent account can be found here  - For tips for Online Learning Success click here 

Still Need Help?  Submit a ticket. PARENT/GUARDIAN  or STUDENT

Still need help? Image of links to Parent/guardian and student IT ticket forms.

Student Reset Password

You can reset your password two ways:

1. Fill out a request form ticket via the Student Support portal.

2. Ask their teacher to reset it. The teacher can use the Teacher Assisted Student Password Tool


Do students have to go to an FCPS building and connect to the FCPS Wi-Fi in order for the password change to “stick”?

If a student has forgotten a password and makes a change to it, then yes, they will need to connect to FCPS Wi-Fi to sync their new network password with their FCPSOn computer. This can be done simply by driving through the bus lane or walking near the front door of an FCPS building with the laptop and connecting to the network.  However, please note that a student can reset their password and use a personal device to continue with distance learning without connecting to FCPS Wi-Fi.

Technology Support for Families

Find out how to help your student log into Blackboard and Google Meet for their virtual classes and how to get help. LINK

Tech Help Videos

VIDEOS LINK - Just a few offerings below and in multiple languages.  Keep checking back as new videos are being added.

  • Create Easy to Find Links to Virtual Learning
  • BBCU Digital Citizenship
  • BBCU - Blackboard Collaborate - Spanish and more language to come
  • Flipgrid basics
  • Flipgrid Screencast
  • Padlet Tutorial
  • SIS ParentVUE Account - multiple languages
  • Sound help on your FCPS Laptop
  • Virtual Learning Tips: How to create a SIS ParentVUE Account
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Assessing 24-7 Learning: Parent View
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Connection to Bluetooth Device
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Connecting to an External Display
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Sound Troubleshooting on Your FCPS Laptop
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Troubleshooting the Camera on your FCPS Laptop
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Microphone Troubleshooting on Your FCPS Laptop
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU)
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Accessing Google Meet
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Google Classroom - Signing In & Joining Classes
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Google Classroom - Locating Assignments
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Google Classroom - Submitting Assignments
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Google Classroom - Resubmitting Assignments\
  • Virtual Learning Tech Tips: Printing at Home - multiple languages

I need help...

How to Create and Access Parent View - Student Information System (SIS)



Parents can begin to prepare by ensuring they have a Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account and are able to login to FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View.

View video instructions about accessing and using FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View.

Forgot your password? To recover a forgotten password or change your password, visit the password management page.

FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View Help Documentation: Tips for Parents and Frequently Asked Questions.

FCPS 24-7 Learning Parent View Support Request: This online tool provides an alternative to in-person school support.

How to Access - 24/7 Learn

 Please use your Parent SIS account (Parent Vue) to access Blackboard 24/7 links below. Need Help



Step 1

Open Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Abra Chrome o Internet Explorer.

chrome iconicon of internet explorer


Step 2

In the address bar (where websites go) type in

En la barra de direcciones (donde van los sitios web) escriba   

image showing web browser window




Step 3

You can click on one of the two buttons to go to Blackboard.

Usted puede clic en uno de los dos botones para ir a blackboard.

image of fcps web page showing where to click for Blackboard

Step 4

Parents and students can log into Blackboard using their FCPS log in information. 

Los padres y estudiantes pueden iniciar sesión en blackboard utilizando su información de inicio de FCPS. 


Blackboard login screen

Step 5

In the center, you will see 287-studentall-1920-YR: Continuity of Learning. Click on the 287-studentall blue link.  

En el centro, verá 287-studentall-1920-YR: Continuity of Learning. Haga clic en el enlace azul 287-studentall.


studentall course picture



Step 6

Choose your child’s grade level.  A list of folders with teacher names will appear. Choose your student's teacher. You will see activities for the students to complete. 

Elija el nivel de grado de su hijo/a. Aparecerá una lista de carpetas con los nombres de los maestros. Elige el profesor de tu alumno. Verá actividades para que completen los estudiantes.

Menu in Blackboard course


See a video of these instructions here

How to Access - Google to Access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra on a Laptop






go to

1. Go to

2. Click on G Suite          

1. Vaya a

2. Haga clic en G Suite

login screen

3. Type in your student ID number

4. Press Next 

5. Type in your password

6. Press Next       

3. Escriba su número de identificación de estudiante

4. Haga clic en Siguiente/Next

5. Escriba su contraseña

6. Haga clic en Siguiente/Next

waffle icon and gmail

7. Click on the gray waffle icon at the top-right 

8. Select Gmail      

7. Haga clic en el icono de gofre gris en la esquina superior derecha

8. Haga clic en Gmail



9. Look for an email titled Blackboard Collaborate Invitee and click on it

10. Click on the Join the Blackboard Collaborate session     

9. Busque un correo electrónico titulado Blackboard Collaborate Invitee y haga clic en él.

10. Haga clic en la sesión Unirse a Blackboard Collaborate/Join the Blackboard Collaborate Session


11. Bookmark this page by click on the star at the top-right

12. Select Done 

11. Marque esta página haciendo clic en la estrella en la esquina superior derecha

12. Haga clic en Listo/Done



How to Join Blackboard Collaborate Ultra on an iPhone or iPad


1. Go to

2. Type in your username and

Example: @email

(Be careful with spelling, it is tricky!)

3. Click on Done to lower the keyboard

4. Click on Next

1. Por favor vaya a

2. Escriba su nombre de usuario y @

Ejemplo: @email

(¡Ten cuidado con la ortografía, es complicado!)

3. Haga clic en Listo para bajar el teclado.

4. Haga clic en Siguiente  


5. Enter your password

(The same password you use for DreamBox)

6. Click on Next

5. Ingrese su contraseña

(La misma contraseña que usa para DreamBox)

6. Haga clic en Siguiente

gmail inbox 7. Click on the email titled Blackboard Collaborate S.

7. Haga clic en el correo electrónico titulado Blackboard Collaborate S.

join link 8. Click Join the Blackboard Collaborate

8. Haga clic en Unirse a Blackboard Collaborate/Join the Blackboard Collaborate.

audio test

9. Click Allow

10. Speak at your phone to test the audio. Click Yes - it's working, if the purple bar moves. Click No - I need help is it's not working

9. Haga clic en Permitir

10. Hable en su teléfono para probar el audio. Haga clic en Sí, está funcionando, si la barra púrpura se mueve. Haga clic en No, necesito ayuda si no funciona

video test

11. Click Allow

12. You should see your face on the screen. Check that it says Front Camera under the picture. Click on Yes - it's working if you can see your face. Click on No - I need help if it is not working

11. Haga clic en Permitir

12. Deberías ver tu cara en la pantalla. Compruebe que dice Cámara frontal debajo de la imagen. Haga clic en Sí, está funcionando si puede ver su cara. Haga clic en No, necesito ayuda si no funciona


You should now be in the session. Let's add this link to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad so you can easily find it later. 

1. With the session open, select the square with an arrow button at the bottom-center of your screen. 

2. Look at the bottom row of icons and click on Add to Home Screen

Ahora deberías estar en la sesión. Agreguemos este enlace a la pantalla de inicio de su iPhone o iPad para que pueda encontrarlo fácilmente más tarde.

1. Con la sesión abierta, seleccione el cuadrado con un botón de flecha en la parte inferior central de su pantalla.

2. Mire la fila inferior de iconos y haga clic en Agregar a la pantalla de inicio


3. Click on Add 

There is now a black and purple button on your home screen. You can now click on this button to join the session at the time your class meets. You will not need to go to Gmail again. 

3. Haga clic en Agregar/Add

Ahora hay un botón negro y morado en la pantalla de inicio. Ahora puede hacer clic en este botón para unirse a la sesión en el momento en que se reúne su clase. No necesitará volver a Gmail nuevamente.


How to Join Blackboard Collaborate Ultra on a non-Apple device (Android, Samsung, etc)

Android phone and tablets must download the Chrome app to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. 

To find the link to join your class in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you will need to look in your school Gmail account. After you find the link, you do not need to look in Gmail again, because you can save the link and use it for the rest of the year.

play store

1. Open the Google Play Store

2. Search for Google Chrome and select Install

3. Click on Open

More information about downloading the Chrome App

1. Abra la tienda Google Play

2. Busque Google Chrome y seleccione Instalar

3. Haga clic en Abrir  

Más información sobre la descarga de la aplicación Chrome

accept and continue

4. Click on Accept & continue

5. Select Open

4. Haga clic en Aceptar y continuar

5. Haga click en Abrir

Go to


Ir a

web versionusername Gmail login

6. Select User the web version

7. Type in your username and and click Done

Example: @email

(Be careful spelling, it is difficult!)

6. Seleccione Usuario la versión web

7. Escriba su nombre de usuario y @ y haga clic en Listo

Ejemplo: @email

(Tenga cuidado al deletrear @, ¡es difícil!)


8. Enter your password and click on Done

It is the same password you use for DreamBox

8. Ingrese su contraseña y haga clic en Listo

Es la misma contraseña que usas para DreamBox


9. Look for the title Blackboard Collaborate S. and click on it.

10. Click on the blue link, Join the Blackboard Collaborate session

9. Busque el título Blackboard Collaborate S. y haga clic en él.

10. Haga clic en el enlace azul, Únase a la sesión de Blackboard Collaborate

allow 6

Now we will allow the microphone to work

11. Select Allow

12. Select Allow again

Ahora permitiremos que el micrófono funcione

11. Haga clic en Permitir

12.Haga clic en Permitir nuevamente

speaking test

13. Talk at your phone or tablet. If the purple moves, click Yes- it's working

If the purple bar doesn't move, No - I need help

13. Habla en tu teléfono o tableta. Si el morado se mueve, haga clic en Sí, está funcionando

Si la barra morada no se mueve, no, necesito ayuda

click allow

Now we will allow the camera to work

14. Click Allow

15. Click Allow

Ahora permitiremos que la cámara funcione

14. Haga clic en Permitir

15. Haga clic en Permitir


16. If you see yourself, click on Yes - it's working

Make sure it says facing front under the picture

If you don't see yourself, click on No - I need help

16. Si te ves, haz clic en Sí, está funcionando

Asegúrate de que diga mirando al frente debajo de la imagen

Si no te ves, haz clic en No - Necesito ayuda

you're in

17. X-out if you see this window.

You are now in the session.

17. X-out si ves esta ventana.

Ahora estás en la sesión.


Now we are going to save this link so you do not need to go into Gmail again. You will only use this link to join your teacher.

1. Click on the star at the top-right


If you don't see the star, click on the 3-dots and click on the star.

Ahora vamos a guardar este enlace para que no tenga que volver a ingresar a Gmail. Solo usarás este enlace para unirte a tu maestro.

1. Haga clic en la estrella en la esquina superior derecha

Si no ve la estrella, haga clic en los 3 puntos y haga clic en la estrella.

chrome app

Now that you have the link to your teacher's session saved. The next time you want to meet with your teacher... 

1. Click on Chrome 

2. Click on Bookmarks

3. Click on us.bbcollab

Ahora que tiene guardado el enlace a la sesión de su maestro. La próxima vez que quieras reunirte con tu maestro ...

1. Haga clic en Chrome

2. Haga clic en Marcadores

3. Haga clic en us.bbcollab

ST Math - Parent Guides

ST Math Parent Guide - Spanish


TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH ST MATH Contact ST Math support at (888) 491-6603 or

Digital Tools Help - Troubleshooting Guides

3310 Laptops Audio Driver Fix (5th and 6th Grade Laptops)

Audio Issues?

FCPS Desktop Management has worked to create a driver deployment that will be available for students to run from Software Center.

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet 2. Search for Software Center on your computer 3. Locate "Dell Latitude 3310 - Audio-Install Audio Driver 4. Click and install according to prompts 5. Reboot is not required, but is recommended

The Software Center advertisement will also disable both startup services for Realtek and Waves so that Windows can natively handle the headphone port on the computer.  

Airplane Mode - Internet Offline

If your internet does not work and you see this:

No internet image

You are in airplane mode.

Image of airplane circled on toolbar lower right

To Fix: 


  1. On your keyboard, press FN Key+Key with the radio tower icon. ...(Print Screen on some keyboards)
  2. You might need to hold those keys for a few seconds.

FN circled on the keyboardradio tower icon

Clear Cache History/Cookies

Do one of the following:

  1. From the “Menu” button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, choose “More Tools” > “Clear browsing data…“.
  2. Press “CTRL” + “Shift” + “Delete” keys in Windows or Linux, or “Command” + “Shift” + “Delete” keys on MacOS.
  3. Select “Menu” > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Clear browsing data…”

How to Update Chrome

Link to how to update Chrome ENGLISH

IF you need to login as ADMINISTRATOR - Close ALL Chrome windows -> - Search  for Chrome  (magnified glass lower left on the toolbar -> Right Click and Run as Administrator -> Log in -> Go to Chrome -> Three dots on the right -> Help -> About Google Chrome-> it will now start to update and you should see a blue check if updated.

WIFI / internet access needed in my home

What if I do not have internet access in my home? What is being done to support equitable access to the internet for student learning?

Several internet providers have announced that they will make their services available for free for households with K-12 and/or college students who don’t already have internet through the company. Further installation fees may also be waived for new student households. Please contact your local internet provider for additional information. 

National PTA has joined several other education groups in calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to temporarily allow schools to utilize E-Rate program funding to provide Wi-Fi hotspots or devices with Wi-Fi capability to students who lack internet access at home. This action would help ensure that all students can remotely continue their education during the current public health emergency.

The coronavirus pandemic is shining a bright light on the so-called “homework gap” experienced by 12 million students in this country. The gap refers to those students who do not have internet access at home and are unable to complete their homework—at a time when over 70% of educators assign schoolwork that requires the internet

WIFI -Setup @ Home

To connect to your WiFi at home:

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Look at the bottom right of your computer screen and click internet button
  3. Find your Wifi.  Click connect automatically
  4. Connect

**You may need to put in the password to your router. 



arrow pointing to wifi icon lower right on toolbar


arrows pointing to wifi and connect


Trouble Shooting Guide

View Guide

Microphone and Camera

Camera and Microphone Setup In Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU)


allow Click allow on your phone or tablet Haga clic en permitir en su teléfono o tableta
mic on

Turn your microphone on/off by clicking on the “Microphone” icon.

Your microphone should be turned off except when you are called to answer a question by your teacher.

Encienda / apague su micrófono haciendo clic en el icono "Micrófono".

Su micrófono debe estar apagado, excepto cuando Su maestro te llame para responder una pregunta.

camera on

Turn your camera on/off by clicking on the “Camera” icon at the bottom of the screen

Click Share Video

Encienda / apague su cámara haciendo clic en el icono "Cámara" en la parte inferior de la pantalla.

Haga clic en Share Video (compartir video)

session panel

If your camera or audio is not working, check the settings

1. Open the session panel by clicking on the purple and white arrows

Si su cámara o audio no funciona, verifique la configuración

1. Abra la configuración de la sesión haciendo clic en las flechas moradas y blancas

settings gear on navbar lower right 2. Click on Settings 2. Haga clic en configuración
settings speaker volume 3. Check that the volume is turned up 3. Suba el nivel de volumen
set up mic and camera

4. Click on Set up your camera and microphone

Complete the audio and camera tests

4. Haga clic en Set up your camera and microphone (Configurar su cámara y micrófono)

Completa las pruebas de audio y cámara

setting for using phone for session audio

If it still isn't working, 

Click on Use your phone for audio

Dial the number listed and type in the PIN when asked



Si aún no funciona,

Haga clic en Use your phone for audio (Usar su teléfono para audio)

Marque el número y escriba el PIN cuando se le solicite

click lock next to url in settings click camera allow microphone allow Make sure Camera and Mic are also Allowed in Chrome

Camera Test / Camera Issue Fixes


Search Camera App

search camera app

If you don’t see yourself, click the gear in upper left corner to adjust settings.

gear icon to settings


  1. Open Google Meet or another site using camera and mic
  2. Look for camera icon in upper right of Chrome window.
  3. Allow camera and microphone for
  4. Camera make sure it is your default camera.
  5. If that does not fix it, click Manage to open settings.


image pointing to camera icon upper right in url bar,  continue to allow site to access mic and or camera

Make sure camera and mic are not blocked in settings.

  1. In Chrome, click on three dots on the top right.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Search camera
  4. Go to Site Settings


find three dots in Chrome far right under xSite settings


5. Click on chevron next to application. Example us.

6. Make sure Camera and Microphone say Allow


Click allow for camera and micclick on chevron next to web link

Microphone Test / Microphone Issue Fixes


Press fn key and F4 and quickly lift. 

This will unmute and mute your mic.

Fn keyF4 key

MICROPHONE VOLUME - May be different on each device.

For louder sound press and hold Fn and then press F3



For quieter sound press and hold Fn and then press F2



MICROPHONE / CAMERA NOT WORKING  (COMPUTER) - Different steps with Window versions.

This may look different depending on which Widows version you are running on your computer

  • Click Search Icon
  • Click Settings
  • Click Privacy
  • Scroll to App permissions
  • Click Camera and enable
  • Click Microphone and enable
  • Make sure to allow desktop app (Chrome is also enabled)

search settings

click privacy


click mic or camera

allow access to microphone or camera and allow mic for chrome



To test your microphone, SEARCH the Voice Recorder app on your computer and record a sample.


If does not work, choose the three dots in the lower right corner then microphone settings and try to adjust settings …






Scroll down to Allow apps and desktop apps to access your microphone.

Make sure Mic is On for Google Chrome.




Make sure Camera and Mic are also Allowed in Chrome (Image 2) –

LOCK by url -> choose to allow for mic and camera


choose lock by url settings allow camera and mic


Make sure Camera and Mic are also Allowed in Chrome (Image 2) – LOCK by url -> choose to allow for mic and camera


IN BBCU Click gear setu up microphone/camera set speaker volume