Homework Plan


Aldrin Elementary School strives to foster a love of learning in the best interest of the Aldrin Community. We value the whole child: their time, their family’s time, their social-emotional needs and their need for differentiated assignments. In order to make homework more authentic, the universal homework plan of Aldrin includes the following guidelines:

  • Homework will be meaningful, experiential, hands on and project based.
  • Homework will include reading time based on what is appropriate for each student.
  • Homework may include proportional time spent on long term projects.
  • Homework will not include prepared packets of any type.
  • Homework will not be graded.
  • Homework will not include worksheets of any type.

The intent of this plan is to reduce or eliminate the frustration of both students and parents and encourage parents to engage in their child’s learning through conversation and “real life” activities. We recognize that each child will have differentiated requirements in order to promote their learning and the Aldrin Homework Plan guidelines are intended to be broad enough to ensure that each child’s needs are met while giving teachers the responsibility to create assignments that are suitable for each child within the parameters noted above.