Physical Education

clip art of students playing sports activities


  • Some highlighted unit activities: Learning to Move, Pathways and Locomotor Movement, Having a Ball-Bean bag and ball handling, Healthy Hearts, Healthy Bodies

Grades 1-3:

  • Some highlighted unit activities: Foot skills, dribbling, and punting; Throwing and Catching; Striking with long and short-handled implements

Grades 4-6: 

  • Some highlighted unit activities:  Fitness and Conditioning, Virginia Wellness Fitness Tests, Throwing and Catching, Basketball

Please Remember:

  1. All students should wear sneakers that cover the entire foot.
  2. NO Crocs, flip flops, slides, boots, or dress shoes.
  3. NO low-hanging jewelry.
  4. Any student not participating in P.E. is required to have a note.

Our Staff

Physical Education Teacher - Scott Houston

Physical Education Teacher - Kim Millard