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Standards of Learning (SOL) 

For Students:

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Review Practice Items - Math 2016, Desmos Virginia Calculators, Reading 2017, Science - Grade 5

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TestNav 8 Practice Test Items - No Sign In -> click SOL Practice Items

Henry Anker - Click on Grade Level

IQ Interactive Quizzes

Jefferson Lab

Portaportal SOL Prep -

SOL Pass - Please get login information from your teacher

SOL Released Practice Items


Video Demonstration of Technology Enhanced Items (TEI) on SOL:

Desmos Four-Function Calculator (Grades 4 and 5 on calculator section)

Desmos Scientific Calculator (Grade 6 on calculator section)

View Math Tools - Classroom - Resources Tab at the top of the page


Resources for Parents and Teachers:

About Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

Computer Adaptive Test Bluprints

Guide to TestNav 8

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis of Weak Strands

Virginia Department of Education


WIDA for English Students of Other Languages (ESOL)

WIDA - Practice Items -  from Chrome Browser