Parent Handbook

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Allergies at Aldrin:
We have quite a few students at Aldrin with Life Threatening Allergies to different types of foods-peanuts, soy, dairy, sesame seeds, etc.    We will send home a letter to the students in each class where a known life threatening allergy exists.  We ask that you be vigilant in ensuring we keep everyone safe by reminding your child to NOT share any of their food with their friends-Lunch or Snack.   Also, if you notice a red sign on the door of your child’s classroom, please be sure you stop and wash your hands before entering the classroom and ask the teacher what is allowed and not allowed to be used for snacks.  Thank you for helping us keep our students safe at school.

Birthday Treat Policy:  At Aldrin ES, like many other schools, we have quite a few students who suffer from life-threatening allergies.  As a school community, we must do all we can to reduce the chances of an allergic incident happening and must work diligently to keep our students safe.  We also have a growing concern over childhood obesity and concern for families that can’t afford to purchase treats /items for an entire class.  So, based on feedback and collaboration from parents, students, teachers and administrators, we have determined that we will limit student birthday celebrations to a birthday pencil and a birthday card from the Principal and Assistant Principals.  No treats or gifts should be sent in to be shared with the class.   You can come in to read to your child’s class or donate a book to the school in your child’s honor as a celebration to their birthday.

The Aldrin Principals will continue to give our students a Birthday Card and a Pencil on or around their Birthday.  The SCA Officers help us with the delivery of the pencils and cards.  We do not allow any birthday treats (cupcakes, candy, pizza, goodie bags, etc.) to be given out at Aldrin for a Birthday.   Please help to promote a healthy lifestyle for children by coming in to read to your child’s class in celebration of the special day.  Thank you for honoring this school policy.

Bus Riders:
Please remember …Kindergarten Students must be met by an adult at the Bus Stop.   If no adult is waiting to receive the child, they will be returned to the school and a parent will be required to come pick them up.  
Dismissal:  Dismissal is at 4:05 p.m. this year.   If it is necessary to change your child’s regular way of going home, please communicate the change to your child’s teacher and a member of the front office staff (703-904-3800).

The first week of school, buses can run a little late until the routes are confirmed.  It’s suggested for you to be at your bus stop 10-15 minutes early in the morning so your child doesn’t miss the bus, and 10-15 minutes early in the afternoon, so that you’re there for them when they depart.


image of check redi payment service

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) utilize a third party check collection service, Checkredi Payment Services to reduce the administrative burden placed on school personnel in managing returned checks. A returned check fee will be charged to the check writer in addition to the face value of the check. The Commonwealth of Virginia allows a returned check fee of up to $50.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) gladly accepts checks and ACH electronic debits (e-checks) from your bank account for payment of various school related purchases and fees.  In the event a check or ACH electronic debit is not honored by our bank, the returned item will be sent to Checkredi Payment Services for collection.  Your account will be debited electronically for the face value amount and charged a fee of $30 per returned item.   If funds are not available, a Checkredi Payment Services representative may contact you to arrange payment.  By issuing a check or authorizing an ACH electronic debit from your bank account, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Please include the following information on your check:

  Full Name
  Street Address
  Phone number

Contact Checkredi Payment Services directly should you have questions about a returned check or ACH transaction @ 1-800-742-2925 or @email.

Class Parties:
Only two class parties may be held during instructional time during the school year. Please contact the teacher to learn of food allergies and coordinate healthy treats that all children can enjoy

Cold Weather Safety:
During this time of year and typical winter days, we often have to consider a number of factors related to student activity outdoors.  Common sense requires us to look beyond a specific temperature and consider factors such as wind chill, whether the ground is frozen or the sun is shining, how well the children are prepared to play outdoors (jackets, gloves, and hats), what activity the children are participating in, and the length of time to be spent outside. Deciding when students may play outdoors remains the responsibility of the principal (with two exceptions), based on his or her professional judgment after considering the information provided in the Cold Weather Safety Fact Sheet (attached).

We will hold recess during cold spells, whenever possible, and parents should have their children prepared to play outdoors (jackets, gloves, and hats). However, we will limit outdoor activities during National Weather Service (NWS)-issued Wind Chill Advisories and Wind Chill Warnings. During a NWS Wind Chill Advisory, we will limit to no more than fifteen (15) minutes for any outdoor activity. During a NWS Wind Chill Warning, we will not allow an outdoor activity. Outdoor activity includes; general and physical education classes, recess, and scheduled fire drills. This does not include students walking to and from school, students waiting at bus stops, student patrols or staff related outdoor duties before, during, or after the school day. All staff and students will need to exit the building during an activation of the fire alarm system. 

Additional information on cold weather safety is provided via the following link; Cold Weather Safety Fact Sheet 

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FCPS Cares:
Recognizing employees who go above and beyond -

FCPS Cares is an opportunity for parents, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. We invite you to submit your story so we can all acknowledge the good work of FCPS employees.

First Day of School:  Can I walk my child to their classroom on Day One?
Kindergarten Parents may walk their children to class on the first day of school.  After that, we will ask that they walk to their classrooms with their friends.  We will have many staff members on duty to assist us as we make our way to our new classrooms.   We will take great care of them as they learn new school routines.  
All other parents who walk or drop off your kiddos in Kiss-n-Ride are asked to remain in the lobby while your children make their way to their new classrooms.   

FLE - Information About Family Life Education Instruction Available

Homework Plan
EVERY child should be reading or being read to for 20-30 minutes minimum each night.

i-Ready Information:
iready button

Information Video - Why i-Ready?

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Keep-In -Touch (E-Notify):
 KIT/E-Notify is part of the FCPS crisis communication service. Aldrin will continue to use KIT for emergencies, attendance, and important outreach messages to distribute via email, telephone, and text.

We are always happy to see a parent, grandparent, or sibling come to eat with a student.  It is a special occasion for the entire class.  Visitors typically either purchase lunch from the cafeteria or bring a bagged lunch from home.  It is nice for the students to see that adults eat nutritious lunches.  We do not allow “fast-food” lunches or sodas of any type.   The sale of soft drinks to students is prohibited in all Fairfax County Public Schools, from elementary through high school, during the school day.  The emphasis on nutritional eating is reflected in our health curriculum, by our PTA and in our selection of food sold in the cafeteria.  We ask that when you come to eat lunch with your child, you help us continue to model healthy, nutritious eating.  It is your presence, more than anything that makes the occasion special for your child. 

Aldrin Lunch Menu

Prices, Lunch Accounts, Prepayments and Refunds

Food and Nutrition Programs

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Check—Write a check made out to (School Name) Food and Nutrition Services and bring the check to the food service manager’s office. A parent who wants his or her check payments to be for meals only (no à la carte items) should write instructions on the check or tell the manager.
Cash—Cash may be brought to the food service manager’s office for deposit in student accounts, or students may pay cash daily for breakfast and lunch.
Parents—Please Note!

  • A parent may ask for a printed summary of his or her child’s account at any time by contacting the food service manager (or by signing on with You don’t need to use the online account for this service.
  • Parents are asked to remind their children not to share their personal identification numbers (PINs) with friends.
  • A parent who wants his or her payments to be for meals only (no à la carte items or snacks) should communicate this to the food service manager.

Morning Arrivals:
Please do not drop off students before 8:55 am--when staff assume their posts to welcome them and keep them safe upon arrival.

News You Choose:
This services allows subscribers to receive email notifications and updates based on interest. A variety of topics are offered such as school system news, budgets, and the latest information from designated schools.  If you’d like to subscribe to News You Choose, please go to this link:

Oldest and Only Distribution/Aldrin Website Usage/ Keep In Touch/News You Can Use:  
Efforts to conserve paper will continue to be made this year by reducing the printed materials that are sent home and by posting handbook information, newsletters, notices, PTA flyers, and other information on the Aldrin website.  In addition, whenever it is necessary to send printed materials home, our desire is to have materials sent to the oldest child in each family.  Also, when possible, we will send information home in e-mail format through the Keep-In-Touch system, so please be sure we have your correct e-mail address on file.    Paper copies will be available to anyone without internet access. 

School Begins at 9:20 a.m.  (Be in class by 9:20 a.m.):
Students need to be IN CLASS and READY to learn at 9:20 a.m.   Please help us reduce the number of times your kiddos arrive to school tardy.  Parents may start dropping kiddos off at 9:00 a.m. in the Kiss-n-Ride line, once an ADULT is out there and ready to accept them.  
However, if your child can ride a bus to school, please put them on the bus.
It’s extremely important that they ride the bus during the first few weeks so the bus routes can be appropriately scheduled. 

SIS Parent Account Information:
SIS Parent View Account Login

To see additional information about SIS Parent View, please click here.
To register for the SIS Parent Account, click here.

Supply Lists and Pre-Ordered Supplies through the PTA
The most recent Aldrin student supply list can be found on the Aldrin website.  Pre-ordered supply packages that were ordered through the PTA will be available for pick-up during our Open House in the Little Theater.  If your child is unable to attend the Open House, their packages will be delivered to their classroom before the first day of school.   

Technology Discounts for FCPS students and Staff:
View our Resources Page for Technology Resources
View Technology @ Home for discounts

Text Messages for Parents

  • FCPS Text Messaging for Parents
  • Parent cell phone numbers will be enabled to receive text messages from FCPS. 
    Only cell phone numbers that are listed in the parent/guardian contact information section of the emergency care information form and recorded in the Student Information System will receive text messages.
  • Parents and guardians can also use the weCare@school section of FCPS 24-7 Learning to update contact information.
    The text messages will only be used for emergency messages, attendance, and essential communications.

Thursday Recorder: 
Your child will bring home a number of VERY important forms for you to read, sign and return to school the next day.  Although the first day is a Monday, these items are placed in the white Thursday Recorder envelope.  After the first day, Thursday Recorder envelopes are sent home each Thursday. Helpful Hint: Your child’s FCPS identification number is included at the top of the Thursday Recorder envelope for any forms requiring this information.

We love visitors at Aldrin!  All visitors must sign in at the office using the Visitor Management System and wear a visitor’s badge during their entire visit to the school.  Anyone without a visitor’s badge will be required to return to the Main Office.  Be sure to bring a photo ID whenever you want to visit or pick up children from Aldrin.