Principal's Coffee - Science of Reading

By Aldrin ES
For Parents
November 01, 2022

Link to the presentation (.pdf)


  1. We need to deliver language arts in a different way.
  2. When reading with your child, look at the letters in each word, and blend sounds together.
  3. Your child is now being assessed with on-grade-level material
  4. On the report card, you will no longer see, "Your child was assessed with On/Above/Below grade level material."
  5. This is a FCPS shift in Language Arts instruction based on the Science of Reading research.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact, Tina Simons.

Please visit the FCPS Equitable Access to Literacy (EAL) Plan page for more information on how this new plan will help to increase student reading and writing skills over the next few years.