FCPS Cares November Winner - Congratulations Mr. Sladki!

By Aldrin ES
January 03, 2021

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photo of Mr. Sladki

Region 1

Brian Sladki, Aldrin ES   "The date of our experience with Brian Sladki actually started on the very first day of school and has continued each and every day since then. Brian has gone BEYOND above and beyond with not only my son but his entire class. Now that we are all home together, I have had the privilege of observing Brian on a regular basis. He is not only compassionate and kind, but his patience with the children is remarkable! Most importantly, I'd like to recognize Brian for the additional time and attention he has shown towards my son. HE reached out to US with concerns regarding our son's progress in school. Like so many, distant learning has proven to be very difficult for my active boy. I am beyond grateful that Brian took the time to express his concerns so that together we can come up with a plan to get my son back on track. Brian is always willing to jump on a phone call or respond to an email with status updates. He even assembled a Score Card for every single child in the class showing their progress. The scorecard is full of valuable information and includes suggestions for growth in areas where the kids are struggling. For the record, Brian is doing this on his own time.  Additionally, as if Brian is not doing enough already, he took the time to create an IMPRESSIVE Parent Portal that has been a lifesaver for so many of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brian, for EVERYTHING! Thank you to ALL of the teachers out there. We know how hard you are working and we are so grateful for it! We will never forget this time and we will never forget any of you!  Cheers!"

- an Aldrin ES Parent