Welcome to 2021-2022 School Year!

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Returning Strong Aug.23, 2021 #OneAldrin with students off the the right books in the middle

Supply Lists For 2021-2022


​​​​​​​REGISTRATION -  Kindergarten, new to Fairfax, students homeschooled or attended private school during the pandemic

REGISTRATION -  Kindergarten, new to Fairfax, students homeschooled or attended private school during the pandemic

If you have a new neighbor or a new friend, and you think they should be registered at Aldrin, please ask them to give us a call ASAP or go to this link LINK to input their information and start the process.  Our phone number is 703-904-3800. Linda Adgate, our Student Information Assistant (SIA), will reach out to them with additional information.    

If you have a neighbor who homeschooled their children during the pandemic, or opted for private school last year, but plans to attend Aldrin in the fall, they also need to register now.   Even if the child attended Aldrin, or another FCPS school in the past, but left during the pandemic, the they will need to re-register.    This does not apply to students who remained virtual or hybrid at Aldrin last year. 

FORMS - Required to Complete Please - More will be added as they become available.

SIS ParentVUE with teacher placement and Schoology will be available AFTER Aug. 10, 2021

NEW REQUIRED FORM: 8 -20-21 Photos of Student Work Consent

JUST IN  8-20-21
Please Complete - Please share your consent for use of student schoolwork on the web and within social media.

Student Work Consent Form

Please share YES if you consent or NO if you do not.

1. Digital Parent Consent Form - Needed before students can access online applications.

Digital Parent Consent Form - Online Version 

2. SIS ParentVue Account - Access Schoology, SR&R Form, Grades, Test History and More


  • Make sure you have registered for a SIS/ParentVUE account
  • Access Schoology, student test scores and student information
  • Updates will be complete to see Schoology and teacher after August 10th.


3. Kiss and Ride Safety & Registration Contract

Kiss and Ride Safety & Registration Contract - Printable Version

2021 -2022 School Year

Below is the contract for participation in Kiss and Ride at Aldrin. Upon receipt of this signed contract, you will be issued a printed Kiss and Ride card with your child’s last name in large, bold print.  Display this card on your dashboard prior to pulling into the school driveway and the Kiss and Ride area.  Please read the following rules and procedures for Kiss and Ride, sign this form and return it to school.  Together we can ensure a safe and efficient procedure when dropping off/picking up your child in Kiss and Ride each day.


It is only necessary to complete one form per family.

  • I understand that I need to display the Aldrin Kiss & Ride card on the dashboard of my car prior to pulling into the school driveway and the Kiss and Ride area.  Upon seeing my card displayed, a staff member will alert my child(ren) that I have arrived.  Another staff member, with the assistance of a safety patrol, will do his or her best to have my child(ren) at curbside soon after my arrival. 
  • I understand that children are to enter and exit the vehicle on the passenger side only.
  • I understand that my child will be dismissed from the gym by name based on the order of arrival of the cars.
  • I understand that I may not leave my car unattended in the Kiss and Ride area, since it is in a Fire Lane.
  • I understand that children may be dropped off no earlier than 9:00 a.m. and picked up beginning at 4:05 p.m.
  • I understand that once in the Kiss and Ride area, I may not attempt to pass other cars.

By signing this form, I agree to the above procedures.


Child’s Name

Child 1

Child 2

Child 3



Teacher 1

Teacher 2

Teacher 3






Parent #





Signature:      _________________________         Date:__________________________


Please return this contract to James Chrisman or Stephanie Naski in the main office or email to: @email

4. Schoology - SIS ParentVue Form Needed


SIS PARENT VUE ACCOUNT Needed to Access Schoology

  • Make sure you have registered for a SIS/ParentVUE account
  • Access Schoology, student test scores and student information

5. Health and Safety Guidance


6. SR&R Student Rights and Responsibilities

Parent/Guardians can acknowledge receipt of the SR&R in ParentVue in your child’s SIS account or sign the Parent Signature Sheet to acknowledge that you have received this document.

Please e-sign through ParentVue or return the signed signature sheet to your child's school by October 29, 2021.  VIEW SR&R

7. News You Choose


Make sure you are signed up to receive the news you need via the link to News You Choose. You need to actively select which newsletters you wish to receive from FCPS and Aldrin ES

8. Other Important Forms


Optional Forms



Scoliosis Fact Sheet

The continuing enrollment forms can be found here and need to be returned to our office assistants, Linda Adgate lwadgate@fcps.edu. If you have any questions, please call the school office at 703-904-3800.

If your child is starting kindergarten or if you are new to Aldrin ES, please know that all school registration forms must be completed in order to receive class placement and a laptop. Electronic forms for new students can be found here.  Parents who have questions about registering in Fairfax County Public Schools can watch this short video for additional information.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our registrar, Linda Adgate lwadgate@fcps.edu. The school office is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for registration appointments. Please call 703-904-3800 for an appointment.

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