Thursday Recorder Volunteers Needed

A Call For Thursday Folder Volunteers

Starting the week of October 11th

In the coming days, some of our teachers will be sending out a request for Thursday Folder Volunteers. Please only consider volunteering if you are vaccinated, to keep our Aldrin community as safe as possible.  We won’t ask you for proof of vaccination, but we do want to do everything we can to keep our children and staff as safe as possible—vaccines are a major way to do this!! Thank you for considering this opportunity and please know that your child’s teacher will reach out to you if they choose to have a parent volunteer assist them with the Thursday Folder “stuffing” process. (Not all teachers need a volunteer—it’s a class job or they prefer to do it themselves.)  All Volunteers coming in to support the Thursday Folder must be pre-arranged with the teacher.    

To keep our school as safe as possible, please follow the guidance below:

  • All Volunteers must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.  It must remain on during the entire time you are in the school. 
  • Hand sanitizer should be used as soon as you enter the building.  We have it readily available for you in the entryway of the school.
  • Parent Volunteers will enter through Door Number One (1),  report to the main office, and sign in using the Visitor Check In System (bring an ID with you, please). Volunteers will wear the printed badge at all times while at Aldrin.
  • Volunteers go directly to the classroom they are supporting, gather the Thursday folders, and any papers being included from the teachers.
  • Sort the papers into the folders and return the folders to the teacher, once completed. 
  • Sign out in the main office.
  • Exit the building. 

The role of Thursday Folder Volunteer includes:

  • Sorting the general fliers and putting them in each child’s folders.
  • Assessments or Graded Projects will not be part of the “sorting”. (Not all student work is graded, so you may see some of the children’s school work, but it isn’t included as part of their specific academic grades.)
  • Student privacy is paramount.

THANK YOU!  We appreciate your assistance and can’t wait to see you. 




Shane Wolfe