"Specialist Wish-list"

"Specialist Wish-list"

Thank you for the purchase of additional jump ropes and balls for recess last week!

Many of you have contacted the school to ask if you can help us with additional needs to enhance student learning as we bring more students back to school.   We reached out to our Team of Specialists and created a “Specialist Wish-list”.   The following Teachers included instructional enhancing items for you to consider:  Mrs. Reedy (STEAM), Mrs. Dimatulac (Speech), Ms. Bodenhofer (Advanced Academics), Mrs. Davies (Technology), Mrs. Kraehe (Art) and Mrs. Sowers (Music). 

We appreciate your willingness to help us maximize the learning for our students.  We want you to know anything you purchase through this list goes directly to supporting additional fun and exciting activities for your kiddos and / or provides each child with something they specifically need (e.g. headphones).

 Also, it is not an expectation that you purchase anything when we send out our Amazon Wishlist(s)—we understand many of you are also impacted financially at this time.  


Thank You!