Digital Citizenship Week Spirit Days- October 18th - 22nd

Digital Citizenship Week

Social and Emotional Wellbeing


Monday - October 18 

Self-Awareness - > How do I feel when I use technology?

SPIRIT DAY - > Exercise your healthy tech habits. Wear exercise clothes to school! 

Tuesday - October 19

Self-Management - > How can I balance my time with and without technology? 

SPIRIT DAY - > Create a positive digital footprint. Wear your crazy socks and/or shoes!

Wednesday - October 20

Responsible Decision-Making - > How can I make responsible decisions online?  

SPIRIT DAY - > Hat Day! Put on your thinking cap and think about your media usage. 

Thursday - October 21 

Relationship Skills - > How can I be kind online? 

SPIRIT DAY - > We’re all part of a digital team. Wear your favorite sports team shirt!

Friday - October 22

Social Awareness - > How do I respond to online meanness?  

SPIRIT DAY - >  “Lei” Off the Tech. Wear Hawaiian clothes and take a break from screens!


poster of each spirit day for the week that matches spirit days listed